Invited Speakers

A. Brandenburg "Magnetic Dynamo over Different Astrophysical Scales" (Sweden)

R. Beck “Cosmic Magnetic Field Observations with next generation instrumentation” (Germany)

G. Brunetti "Models of Electron Re-acceleration by Magnetic Turbulence in
Galaxy Clusters" (Italy)

R. Crutcher " Role of magnetic fields in molecular clouds" (USA)

M. de Avillez “High-Resolution Modelling of the Interstellar Medium using Time-dependent Ionization Structure” (Portugal)

E. de Gouveia Dal Pino "Magnetic Fields in Galactic Halos and the SN connection" (Brazil)

M. Dopita "Magnetic Fields in Different Types of Galaxies" (Australia)

T. Ensslin "Magnetic Turbulence in Clusters of Galaxies" (Germany)

D. Falceta-Goncalves "Properties of MHD Turbulence and its Consequences for ISM and Intracluster Media" (Brazil)

E. Falgarone "Observational Constraints on Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds" (France)

L. Feretti "Cosmic Rays in Magnetized Intracluster Plasma" (Italy)

M. Haverkorn "Magnetic Turbulence from Faraday Rotation Measurements" (Holland)

C. Heiles "Magnetic Fields in HI from Zeeman measurements" (USA)

S. Inutsuka "Instabilities in Magnetized ISM" (Japan)

A. Lazarian “"Turbulent Reconnection of Magnetic Fields and Implications" (USA)

S. Lizano "Magnetic Field effects on the Evolution of Molecular Clouds and Star formation" (Mexico)

A. M. Magalhaes “Brazilian-French Polarimetric Survey” (Brazil)

C. McKee "Role of Magnetic Fields for Star Formation" (USA)

K. Shibata ”The solar wind interaction with space environment and the new data from the Hinode Satellite” (TBC)

K. Subramanian “Magnetic Fields in Primordial Plasmas” (India)

E. Vazquez-Semadeni "Modeling of Magnetized Interstellar Medium " (Mexico)

E. Vishniac "Dynamo Theory" (Canada)

H. Yan “Magnetic Field Diagnostics with Aligned atoms (China)

E. Zweibel (USA) “Origin of Cosmic Fields" (USA) (TBC)